An Introduction to Cannabidiol, What Is CBD?

The medical marijuana movement is in full swing. Slowly but surely, the rest of America is waking up to facts we’ve known for quite some time – cannabis is a versatile plant with a host of practical uses and medicinal benefits. The cannabis plant owes its magical properties to a wide variety of active compounds. THC is the most well-known. CBD, its closely related cousin, is steadily gaining a reputation for what it brings to the table.

What is CBD

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a very unique cannabis component in that it lacks the psychoactive activity traditionally associated with THC. In short, it doesn’t produce euphoria or anything that can be considered a high. Instead, it is responsible for several of the medicinal qualities marijuana is so well known for.

Benefits of CBD

From promoting a good night sleep to treating a number of specific conditions, CBD is as diverse as the plant body it resides in. Following is a list of known CBD benefits:

Eliminates anxiety. CBD may not shoot you to the moon, but it works extremely well at treating anxiety. A proper dose of CBD can be very relaxing.
Combats inflammation. CBD has shown great promise at reducing inflammation. As you may know, inflammation can lead to hay fever, certain cancers, and several other debilitating diseases.
Antibacterial properties. An over plus of bad bacteria is a trigger for gum disease, heart disease, and other serious health issues. CBD acts as a potential lifesaver by slowing the growth of bad bacteria.
Encourages bone growth. Milk does a body good – so does cannabis when it comes to bone growth. In fact, CBD is showing tremendous potential as an alternative to the toxic medications prescribed for bone deficiencies.
Regulates blood sugar. Another area CBD has shown great promise in is its ability to lower blood sugar levels. As the benefits become more known, CBD-rich products could potentially become a godsend for the countless people who struggle with diabetes.
Treats seizures. CBD gained a lot of attention for its role in reducing epileptic seizures for one young patient. Since then, it has been highly sought after by parents seeking alternative treatment options for epilepsy.
Kills cancer cells. According to, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids have been shown to slow and even kill the cells in certain types of cancer. Testimonials of patients using cannabis to effectively treat cancer are mounting rapidly.

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