Virgin Hemp Seed Oil

Found in all these CannaBoost™ herbal blends Turbo Topical, JumpSTART, and Power UP from BounceBack Botanicals™.

Organic virgin hemp seed oil is in all our CannaBoost™ holistic infusions as it’s the perfect carrier since it has molecular synergy with the cannabinoid extract.

That’s a lot of science talk, but all it means is the medicinally beneficial cannabinoid hemp extract is a super sticky goo, and emulsifying with hemp seed oil is a match made by our beautiful planet, Earth.

Cannabinoid extract is a nutrient that is fat-soluble; so the terpenes, vitamins, omega fatty acids, trace minerals, and of course, cannabinoids, can be absorbed into the rich fatty chains of the hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is the perfect carrier because it’s easily absorbed in the system and is packed with its own nutritious benefits, so it can be effective immediately.

Our hemp oil is cold pressed from hemp seeds organically grown in Canada.

For highest quality human grade herbal ingredients, our hemp is grown chemical free, pesticide free, and herbicide free.

The hemp strain used in our product is naturally abundant in nutrients, foliage, fibers, and medicinal value, and unnaturally restricted around the world.

The strain we use in BounceBack Botanicals’ CannaBoost™ is of the variety Cannabis sativa, which doesn’t require any herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers, as it has naturally adapted precautions.

None of how products contain what is called THC, the medicinally psychoactive component of C. sativa found only in the flowers of hemp.

In respect, THC, “Marinol,” or TetraHydroCannabinol, is just one other cannabinoid.

And our CannaBoost™ medicinal CBD extracts are full spectrum cannabinoid hemp extract infusion, containing an extensive list of naturally abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as: CBC, CBG, CBC-A, CBG-A, CBN and many others.

All cannabinoids found in our hemp extract infusions are naturally abundant in these unique sets of fat-soluble nutrients, and combined all together in an herbal hemp seed oil infusion sounds like a remedy for goodness.

Hemp Cannabinoid Extract is the major component in CBD oil or Cannabinoid oil. Hemp Cannabinoid Extract is emulsified in Hemp seed oil, oil cold pressed from hempseed. And that is how the CBD oil is made as the base for all CannaBoost™ CBD products for BounceBack Botanicals™