Power UP With Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

Natural Holistic Care for Pets


Fresh, organic ingredients

Full-Spectrum* Cannabinoid Hemp Extract§, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil§, Astaxanthin§, Helichrysum Italicum Oil Extract§, MCT Oil

Natural Ingredient
* Terpenes diversity
§ Organic Ingredient


Power UP comes in two CBD concentrations of either 500+mg or 250+mg of cannabinoid extract and can be easily given to your pet with the cap dropper.

Packed and blended with some of the greatest antioxidants on Earth: Astaxanthin comes naturally from red algae, and is possibly the most sustainable antioxidant grown; and, oil extract of the ever-lasting, Immortelle flower, the Helichrysum italicum, as it is scientifically named, is abundant in italidione/diketone and curcuminoid content—used for its natural high antioxidation and general wellness effects.


A red hue in natural products, such as fruit and vegetables, often indicate high antioxidant content

So don’t be alarmed by the radiant red color or high antioxidant content of our Power UP herbal oil.

Naturally, bodies creates free radicals, as well as wonderful antioxidants to counteract the damaging affects of these free radical.
An outside source of antioxidants, however, is needed to help that counterbalance—which a pet may not get enough of.
Antioxidants are great for, well, the deoxidation of cells, which protects skin, blood, organs, and wherever else cells are found.

It’s a prominent preventive for skin cancer and other forms of cancer, so we had to include the biggest powerhouses in antioxidants.

Dogs in great discomfort will excitedly start licking every drop naturally understanding the medicinal effects of relief and aid in our fast-acting, super-absorbable and nourishing herbal hemp oil. CannaBoost™ is our multi-purpose holistic line of pet supplemental aid and alternative medicinal care for pets (yours and ours!) with only the highest quality, organic herbal ingredients.

CannaBoost provides a more natural, gentler way to care for your pet’s health. CannaBoost herbal oils can be used as any natural daily supplement and can be used along with regular vet-prescribed pet meds. Power UP is full of pure organic ingredients, which are naturally antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and above all, nourishing and healing.