Poke Root

Found in our CannaBoost™ Turbo Topical holistic healing salves from BounceBack Botanicals™.

The young root of the poke herb is considered it’s most potent component.

The poke root is renown in herbal healing for its powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties. Poke root is also great for other skin issues, as well as, fungal infections, auto-immune problems, and it can promote healthy liver functions.

Quality poke root extract is a precious ingredient for organic infused holistic pet remedy.

The young root can help with many problems as many issues of the skin and inflammation are usually because of underlying autoimmune issues and/or liver problems.

Because extract of young poke root has been recorded as a stimulant to the lymphatic system and normal immune functions, it’s been found helpful with pain management, as well.

Poke root is a powerhouse herb rooted in alternative and traditional medicine. Its most clear benefits can be seen on the skin, especially if applied to areas of fungal or rash infection.