Comfrey Root and Leaf Extract

Found in our CannaBoost™ Turbo Topical holistic healing salves from BounceBack Botanicals™.

We use organic comfrey herb in our holistic infusions for its natural skin renewal properties. It is a miraculous herb that is naturally abundant in Vitamin C and Calcium, which are essential to cell growth and rejuvenation.

In the past, comfrey has been used to treat various skin problems, such as, eczema, poison ivy, and dermatitis. It has also been shown to decrease bruising, help mend damaged skin, and fight fungal infections.

Comfrey is a powerhouse herb that makes it an essential part of our holistic pet skin herbal oil remedies.

BounceBack Botanicals™ offers an alternative to healing. CannaBoost™ is a completely natural form of supplemental care for dogs and aging pets using CBD oil and other nutrient remedies