Calendula Flower and Herb

Found in our CannaBoost™ Turbo Topical holistic healing salves from BounceBack Botanicals™.

We use organic calendula flowers in our natural infusions for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. We feel calendula herb is essential for any medicinal holistic salve for the skin, for pet and human alike, because it does wonders for skin problems.

Calendula herb promotes rapid skin renewal and is naturally antifungal and antiseptic. Calendula is great for holistic pet salves because it brings relief to pets with troubled skin that is painful or uncomfortable, inflamed or damaged. It really helps.

The calendula herb is not only soothing; it is also moisturizing allowing skin to stay hydrated longer and is great for cracked skin in a topical salve.

Calendula is a beautiful flower with wonderful healing properties.

BounceBack Botanicals™ offers an alternative to healing. CannaBoost™ is a completely natural form of supplemental care for dogs and aging pets using CBD oil and other nutrient remedies