Burdock Root

Found in our CannaBoost™ Turbo Topical holistic healing salves from BounceBack Botanicals™.

The burdock root we use is wild-crafted and infused in organic extra virgin olive oil. The roots have been used in traditional medicine as a blood purifier and as a main component in both Essiacs®
and Hoxsey decoctions.

Burdock root assists kidneys and livers with detoxification and helps support the immune system keeping it in a fighting condition.

Burdock root is really powerful and useful within herbal healing and holistic medicine that really has endless possibilities when it comes to its natural benefits.

BounceBack Botanicals™ offers an alternative to healing. CannaBoost™ is a completely natural form of supplemental care for dogs and aging pets using CBD oil and other nutrient remedies