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Here’s what separates BounceBack BotanicalsCannaBoost, our  alternative line of natural and organic pet supplements for dog and cat health, wellness, and care, from the rest, and, just why all our holistic pet remedying CBD hemp products are so unique.


Our promise and commitment

Pets come into our homes full of potential and love, they are our children, and we see them as nothing less. What we would do for ours, we look to do for yours.

That’s why we only use human grade certified CBD/Hemp products from FDA-approved human grade ingredients, for human use facility. That is the standard for CannaBoost™ and BounceBack Botanicals™  as a whole. We want the best of the best for our pet children, and CannaBoost™ offers a gentle, innovative, and botanical approach to animal care and love.

We believe human grade should be the ONLY grade used for pets. We won’t budge from that commitment and philosophy, and, at any expense we will only use the best, freshest ingredients from nature for the pets, we love. CannaBoost™ uses zero herbicides and pesticides. We only source organic and wild-crafted natural wholesome ingredients for all our extractions and infusions for all BounceBack Botanicals products.

The rules for consumption and manufacturing procedures are sadly lacking for pets and that is reflected in many products. It can be very hard to tell the quality of ingredients going into many pet products on the market.

Animal grade is the lowest grade available, and it’s cheapest to purchase due to the low standard and apathetic regulations on pet foods and other pet products. We happily choose to cut profits so we can give yours (and our) pet children the best nature has to offer with all BounceBack Bontanicals CannaBoost™ holistic pet remedying CBD hemp oils and salves.

That is our commitment to the animals we love, this is our belief and mission at BounceBack Botanicals™ for all our  holistic pet remedying CBD hemp oils and salves.

Our Quality Guarantee








We work directly with a human grade certified hemp/CBD manufacturing plant. Our Hemp supplier has in place a revolutionary Lot-Batch system that allows for full transparency and traceability of ingestibles that they produce

Unlike any other company or hemp/cannabinoid/CBD products on the market, every single bottle that goes out our door now has a full set of 3rd-party Certificates of Analysis associated with it that is available to us, for our review and scutiny at all times Each set of testing includes a separate analysis for the cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, and pesticides. Every bottle we sell has been tested to this full extent. This is a premium we pay for as well as only using Human grade certified for our CannaBoost™ Pet Hemp/CBD ingestables

This is not only revolutionary for the hemp industry, but is a top-notch system for the supplement industry at large. Some of the biggest dietary supplement companies in the world have been put on blast for their products sometimes containing 0% of the labeled ingredients, not to mention the impurities!

Our reputable supplier also has 3rd party Dietary Supplement Audits performed to confirm that their operations are compliant with cGMPS (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Their lab is FDA-registered for the manufacturing, packaging, and labeling of dietary supplements for both human consumption.

Almost every hemp-extract company says it has the ‘highest’ or ‘top quality.’ Public records have shown there are many CBD companies whose products have been tested and were shown to have 0% of the labeled ingredient, and that is preposterous! You need not be concerned with BounceBack Botanicals CannaBoost™ products. We value our Pets as furry children which is why we are the only CBD/Hemp company for Pets that uses only Human grade ingredients. You won’t find big bold statements on our labels that say. Not intended for Human use. So go ahead and share with your fur child if you want.

Our Company’s Commitment to YOU and YOUR PET

We have a simple rule at BounceBack Botanicals™. Actually, we have a golden rule here that we don’t only apply to our dogs but extend to yours.

“If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for them.”

And that’s why we only use Human Grade ingredients in CannaBoost™, and that is the standard at BounceBack Botanicals™






We use the finest Kentucky hemp for all our CBD Hemp products. Why Kentucky?

We feel that the hemp program in Kentucky is more well suited for our company in regards to growing hemp, and that because it’s 100% compliant with Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill (and the 2016 Agricultural Appropriations Act), procuring it from there is perfectly legal at the federal level. Kentucky’s ecology is perfect for hemp just as it is for tobacco. The growing season is longer than in Colorado, and the soil is richer, so the quality of the hemp and the yields are better

We’ve carefully sourced the most beautiful and healthy hemp cultivars for the raw ingredients used in manufacturing, and our batches are always tested for purity and potency. Hemp is resilient and doesn’t require the use of pesticides (the aromatic terpene compounds in hemp will actually act as its own natural self-preservation), fertilizers, or herbicides in its cultivation. Hemp also requires much less water than standard commercial farming. Hemp, innately has a powerful ability to thrive even in the direst conditions. The hemp we use is grown under the same methods and standards of organic farming.

Did you know that multiple states have had recalls on cannabis products for contaminants?

That’s why, even though we have FDA approved clean and safe growing and manufacturing processes, we test our products at 3 separate points during manufacturing. We partnered with a Hemp extract production manufacturer who has an industry leading Quality control system in place and we also have third party laboratories analyze all of our hemp extracts and our final products for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, bacterial and microbial life, mycotoxins (fungus), and pesticides. Each batch is testing 3 separate time from the beginning process to the end.

The right cultivars of hemp naturally contain all the cannabinoids you need, so we never use genetically modified hemp.

There are many ways to get CBD oil from the hemp plant. Unfortunately, some solvents used can be toxic, which we would never want your pet to risk ingesting. We use CO2, the completely safe gas that you exhale with every breath.

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